Madrid 1961
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  • Jaime Casado Garrido joined to, the Guadalquivir group at the beginning of 1978 on the occasion of the unforgettable Festival of Andalusian Rock of Mostoles.

    Happening to be one of the most accredited bassists of the panorama of the (Spanish Jazz Rock) by its rhythmic basis and blunt bass solos, with 17 years.

    He begins his work as a composer with the theme "Deseandote" item including in the third album of Guadalquivir "After Silence", published in 1983.

    Participated in the summery tour of 1983 "Rock of a Summer Night" by Miguel Rios as bassist and as well coordinator of the Band of Luz Casal.

    Following the separation of Guadalquivir, pass a period of musical training and is in 1988 when it starts to give classes of Bass, Guitar and Improvisation.
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  • In 1991 collaborates with the teacher Garcia Morcillo and Norma Duval, as session musician.

    Takes courses of computer music, for carrying out later (teaching activities) in this area.

    It produces and interprets in 1995 over eight discs for a Dutch multinational. Recording and turn, producing, between England and Spain.

    Conducts numerous works and projects with, musicians (English and Uruguayans), among others. In 2001 extensive studies with the musician, and (jazz guitarist) "Joaquin Chacon" prepares and performs a repertoire themed own and at the moment continuous its work teacher.
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