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    1. GUADALQUIVIR - 5'16'' (Luis Cobo). Ed Chapell
    2. BAILA GITANA - 5'30'' (Andrés Olaegui). EGO Musical.
    3. CARTAGENA - 6'48'' (Andrés Olaegui, arr. de cuerda,
        Andrés Olaegui). EGO Musical, S.A.
    4. GENERALIFE - 6'41'' (Andrés Olaegui). EGO Musical, S.A.

    Side B

    1. EL MANGLIS - 7'05'' (Andrés Olaegui) EGO Musical. S.A.
    2. DOMINGA - 6'20'' (Luis Cobo). EGO Musical, S.A.
    3. LA DANZA DE LOS TIGRES - 7'14'' (Luis Cobo). EGO
       "Musical", S.A.

    "Dedicated to Guti"
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    ANDRÉS OLAEGUI : Electric Gutar; 12 strings elec. Guitar
                Acustic Guitar ; Voice in "Cartagena".

    JAIME CASADO: Electric Bass; Fender Fretless.

    PEDRO ONTIVEROS: Soprano and Alto Sax; Flute.

    LUIS COBO: Electric Guitar; 12 strings elec. Guitar;
                       Acustic Guitar; Yunque in "Cartagena".

    LARRY MARTIN: Drums; Timbals in "La Danza de los Tigres".

    Arrangements and production: Guadalquivir

    MANUEL MARINELLI: Acústic Piano in "Cartagena"; Piano Fender in "Dominga"; Solina in "La Danza de los Tigres". DIEGO CARRASCO: Flamencvo guitar in "Dominga". RUBEN DANTAS, (By courtesy of Polydor): Congas in "El Manglis" and "La Danza de los Tigres"; Bongos in "El Manglis"; Triangulo, Calabasaand Percussion effects in "El Manglis", "La Danza de los Tigres" and "Cartagena". STRING CUARTET in "Cartagena". CLAMS in "Dominga"and"Generalife".

    OUR MOST SINCEROS THANKS TO: Rafael Gil for believing in the idea from the beginning and Juan Moreno and Jose Luis Calleja by agusntanos and his goodwill and all the people who helped us materially or morally to the realisation of this album.

    Redorded in Estudios EMI (Barcelona) and KIRIOS (Madrid), in september and october 1978.


    Mixing in EMI (Barcelona).Engineers: Juan José Moreno (EMI), Luis Calleja (KIRIOS). Productionn: EMI-Odeon, S.A. España. Photography and Cover Desing: Antonio Rojilla .

    ALSO THANKS TO: Teddy Bautista; Kitfñus (Iceberg) and Emili Baleriola.

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